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Tsss 1 year ago
He let her hit the blunt while she was blowing him. Now he smoking dick.
Wtf 2 years ago
Worst rolled blunt I've ever seen
Help 2 years ago
Bringing Real Porn Back 2 years ago
Lil D keep doing yo thang brother. Them acting ass pornos ain’t for me you bringing them real ass home made videos. Not them booboo ahhh videos thanks Lil D you my idol
Oblock 2 years ago
10/10. She’s cute, tatted, has a cute little pink pussy and knows how to take a dick. Extra points for Sosa playing in the background.
Anonymous 2 years ago
What Kodak black song is that in the end?
grateful 1 year ago
so glad this poor girl never had a father who loved her cause that was the fattest nut i’ve busted in a while
Go vote! 2 years ago
Lil D for president
2 years ago
I bet her pussy stinks
2 years ago
And that's what happens when you get high and fuck a bitch...u nut it her