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Buttman-G 3 years ago
Ignore the comments from those clowns. Trust me, the majority men myself included want to rub our face up and down her beautiful butt I swear that looks so good. I'd spoil her ass and love to bury my face in her butt for hours. She's incredible
2 years ago
Eating ass is hot, but this nigga has made it a life mission. I am sincerely curious about his childhood.
Who’s he?! 3 years ago
Whats the actors name?
xgxw 6 years ago
what her name???
Gcccc 3 years ago
Every inch of her is perfect - her face, her butt, her perfectly round tits. I'd spoil her and fuck her to the moon trillions of times. I'd fuck her so hard so many times AFTER that too, that we'd land on venus
Gcnm 3 years ago
I swear to God, not just her butt but her face is so fucking perfect and amazing I want to cum a gazillion times in her mouth and look at her peaceful incredible eyes for hours while I do it. Her face is so fucking hot. every inch of her is flawless, she's amazing everything about her.
3 years ago
Never actually gets anal, stupid cunt
Tugga 3 years ago
She can’t even pretend she likes it.
Gcccnmnm 3 years ago
This is why she's one of my favorite pornstars of all time. She's impeccably gorgeous. Her personality too. Impeccable inside and out. My god
Willy 6 years ago