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3 years ago
The old lady shaking her head behind them xD she's like "these bitches really be fucking on this bus, I just wanna go to bingo"
Schoolbus driver 3 years ago
Yo why the fuck this shit never happen on my bus
3 years ago
bruh that guy is just reading a paper the whole time
3 years ago
All those free spaces on the bus...
Jonah 3 years ago
There’s no way that 100% of this is real
WTF 3 years ago
the people in the back sits are injoying it hahahah !!!!
Big Dick Nigga 3 years ago
Well this is questionable and quite possibly illegal
Uk niggas 3 years ago
That’s the uk for u
LMAOOO 3 years ago
Texas 3 years ago
Wats her name